Hollywood Restoration Company - Water Damage Restoration


Broken pipes and leaky faucets are just the tip of the water damage iceberg! There are more serious problems that can befall you like rainstorm, flooding etc. This damage is not only a big hassle and a disruption in your life, but can also be exorbitantly expensive to restore. Water, when it invades the safe compounds of your property in Hollywood, FL area, can unleash havoc on your prized belongings.

Why should you call in the experts?

Water damage has a huge potential to cause irreparable damage, if not addressed in time. It can lead to electrical hazards, mold formation, damage to furniture and furnishings, affecting the strength of the structure and what not. However, all of it is preventable if you call our professionals on 954-406-9821 in time.

Hollywood Restoration Company Hollywood, FL 954-406-9821Hollywood Restoration Company recommends to NOT do any of the below mentioned things in case of a water damage incident:

  • Use vacuum cleaner to clear the water
  • Try cheap hardware solutions to fix the leak
  • Dry up carpets using old cloth and newspaper
  • Confirming moisture dry up with ‘touch test’
  • Work with untrained professionals to stop the leak
  • Try DIY solutions
  • Delay water damage mitigation process more than 48 hours

The professional difference we bring in:

There is a reason why professional services were established for water damage restoration. Destruction caused by water can only be fixed by trained experts who know how to provide end-to-end service and restore your property to its initial state. Hollywood Restoration Company became a dependable service for our clients in Hollywood, FL area over the course of two decades. In all these years we have perfected the water damage restoration work and remain one of the best service providers.

When you call us, our experts get down to the water mitigation task immediately. Our job is to completely remove moisture from your property. We don't follow unprofessional ‘touch tests’ to validate our results. This is the reason we used sophisticated equipment such as heat vacuums, dehumidifiers and air blowers to completely remove all traces of moisture. Once we tackle the source of problem, we start the remediation and then the restoration process, respectively.

Call us on 954-406-9821 to report water damage and let our technicians help you overcome the disaster.